Birth to 5

Our nursery is divided into four main rooms, all of which are designed to meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage

The nursery is complemented by a large state-of-the-art outdoor play area that was purposely built with the different stage of a child’s development in mind.

The aim at Little Ladybirds is to create a fun, homely environment where children are given the opportunity to develop to their full potential. As a parent you have an important role to play in your child’s development, so we keep you fully informed of your child’s progress at all stages. We encourage you to join in with events and activities, including trips, and as well as formal open evenings, you are more than welcome to discuss aspects of your child’s nursery experience with us at any time. Our door is always open to you.

Baby room

Baby room at Little Ladybirds

Our baby room at Little Ladybirds is large and spacious and has its own integrated facilities, including high chairs and cots. The main room includes a separate quiet sleeping area so your child can sleep peacefully and not be disturbed by those who are awake.

All the equipment and resources in the baby room have been specially chosen to help your baby’s stages of development. At this stage the emphasis is very much on play, but learning experiences are introduced subtlety to allow your child to flourish during the vital years of discovery.

When your child starts in the baby room, with your help we create a learning journey book for them. At this stage the book allows us to get to know your baby’s likes and dislikes, any special dietary requirements, allergies and any other information that will help us to make your child’s transition to nursery as comfortable as possible.

At the end of each day, when you come to pick your child up, you will receive a daily report, detailing important information such as their sleep time, what they ate and when their nappy was changed. This report also allows us to make any particular observations, such as when they started to crawl or stand up for the first time.

When your child is ready to progress to our Tweenie room, a detailed handover is carried out between the room leaders and a ‘moving rooms’ form is completed. Your child’s key person will also visit the room with them to enable them to have a smooth transition.

Tweenie room

Little Lambs Tweenie room

Our Tweenie room at Little Ladybirds is large and spacious, and your child will move to this room once we decide, with you, that they are physically and emotionally ready.

Whilst play is still the focus of the day, more learning experiences are introduced at this stage. Activities are designed to offer the opportunity for your child to explore large movements, vision and manipulative skills, hearing and speech and social and spontaneous play.

There is a quiet area within the room for your child to sleep and this is generally done as a group to ensure everyone gets the rest they still need at this stage in their life.

Children eat their meals together and begin to learn how to use cutlery and display appropriate table manners.

Staff continue to fill in your child’s learning journey booklet and note any observations related to their development. At the end of each day you receive a daily written report on what your child has eaten and what they have done during the day, as well as any verbal feedback that staff can provide.

When your child is ready to progress to our Toddler room a moving rooms form is completed and the room leaders undertake a detailed handover prior to this move. Your child’s key person will also visit the room with them to enable them to have a smooth transition.

Toddler room

Our Toddler room at Little Ladybirds is large and spacious and when children begin this stage of their nursery life we are able to introduce more educational-based activities, with the emphasis still being very much about having fun.

The children begin learning some very important lessons, such as imaginative play, and a wide range of themed activities are designed to aid their development and prepare them for their final move with the nursery – to pre-school.

We want to give your child the very best possible start to their education so detailed planning goes into ensuring that the learning environment meets the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

By this stage your child’s learning journey booklet is starting to become very comprehensive, with various observations being carried out to ensure your child’s development continues apace.

At the end of each day you receive a daily written report on what your child has eaten and what they have done during the day. When your child is getting ready to enter our pre-school room they will initially have transition periods, with the support of their key person, to introduce them to the room and the older children, so by the time the day comes for the final move, they are more than ready to take their final steps within the nursery.

* On Mondays and Friday only, we are currently offering 15 free funded hours per week during term time for children aged three.

Pre-school room

Pre school room at Little Ladybirds

The emphasis in our large pre-school room at Little Ladybirds, is on fun and ensuring the children develop at their own space, as well as preparing them for school life.

Our highly qualified Early Years Foundation Stage Practitioners have an important role to play in ensuring your child follows a carefully planned curriculum that will allow them to develop their skills in the key areas of learning and development, which are:

Prime areas

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language

Specific areas

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Ongoing formative assessment is at the heart of early years best practice and our staff observe children as they act and interact in their play and everyday activities. By analysing these observations it can help us to plan experiences and opportunities for the children.

Your child’s learning journey booklet is by now almost full and prior to them leaving the nursery this will be shared with the school you have chosen. We also encourage teachers to come to the nursery to discuss ‘big’ school with the children, as well as organising visits to schools so the children can experience it for themselves.

We recognise the move from nursery to school is a big step, but with the detailed planning and implementation involved in all aspects of your child’s life at Little Ladybirds, we know we are giving them the best possible start.

 * We are now able to offer free childcare places for children aged two and over. Please visit our funding page to find out more or contact us on 01642 614020