Covid-19 infection control

The following summarises the measures we are taking to protect our children, parents and staff from Covid-19 (Coronavirus) following the re-opening of the nursery on 1st June 2020. You can read the full infection control policy or contact us if you have any queries. The policy is being kept under constant review as we continue to monitor and respond to Government guidance.

Key points:

  • Hand sanitisers have been installed at the entrance to the nursery, one to the left of the door where the parents queue, in two metre squares, and another to the right of the door where the staff queue. Further hand washing facilities are available in the nursery. All staff carry a hand sanitiser.
  • Cleaning hands more often than usual during the day is being undertaken by both children and staff. Younger children, including babies, will have their hands washed by staff.
  • Children are being encouraged not to touch their mouth, eyes and nose and use a tissue or elbow to cough or sneeze and use bins for waste tissue. Bins for tissues are being emptied and cleaned throughout the day.
  • Single use PPE (aprons and gloves) are being used by staff for nappy changing, cleaning up vomit or blood, or any other activity that involves the risk of contamination.
  • Face coverings and masks will be used only if a child or member of staff becomes unwell with symptoms of coronavirus and needs direct personal care.
  • Windows in all rooms are being kept open for good ventilation and children will spend as much time as possible outdoors.
  • Cleaning is being carried out throughout the day with particular emphasis on surfaces children are touching, such as toys, books, doors and toilets.
  • All staff are undertaking a specialist infection control course.
  • Start times for staff are being staggered and the social distancing rule of keeping 2 metres apart is being followed.
  • Children are being kept in ‘bubbles’ with key staff to minimise contact.
  • Only one parent should attend for drop off and collection.
  • Dummies are not to be brought from home but kept at nursery and sterilised and stored in individual containers.
  • At meal-times, only one person takes the food from the kitchen to the rooms.