The next big adventure

Children at Little Ladybirds have successfully graduated and are now looking forward to their next big adventure at school.

Proudly wearing gowns and mortar boards, the older pre-school children took part in a special graduation ceremony in July.

With their proud parents and families looking on, the children strode confidently onto the stage to collect their scrolls and perform a poem.

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A hot start

If you recall July got off to a hot start (ah nice weather what a luxury now), so the children in pre-school decided they needed something to help them cool down. They helped cut some apples, pears and kiwis to make yummy ice lollies that were easy to make and very refreshing too.

Undoubtedly the highlight, and in many respects the saddest because we are sorry to see them go, was the pre-school graduation ceremony. Donning red graduation gowns and mortar boards, the children came confidently onto the stage to collect their scrolls and performed their poem like the superstars they are.

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Exciting activities

We’re always coming with new, fun and exciting activities for children at Little Ladybirds, and June was no exception.

We had the idea of filling balloons with paint and getting the children to pop them to see the patterns which would be created on the white sheets below.

The children were encouraged to independently chose which tool they thought would pop the paint filled balloons easiest.

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