Teaching French

Despite teaching French to secondary school for almost 40 years, Alison Vardy says she much prefers teaching pre-school children at Little Ladybirds.

Alison, or Madame Vardy as she is known to the children, retired from teaching in 2014, but has continued to impart her love of French (and German) by teaching in early years settings.

And we are delighted to have someone of her experience helping our children.

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Halloween may have been at the very end of the month, but that didn’t prevent us from making it one of our main focused activities throughout October.


Babies got into the Halloween spirit by making pumpkin pictures with apples, exploring bugs in spaghetti and spooky themed jelly. Very slimy!

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Mud kitchen

Pre-school started September enjoying our lovely, revamped garden. This involved making soup in the mud kitchen (you wouldn’t have wanted to try it!), making an obstacle course, playing hide and seek, watering the flowers and so much more.

Then, they went indoors and based cheese scones for the whole nursery to enjoy (you definitely would have wanted to try these!). There were a lot of conversations about the different ingredients and where they came from, as well as the changing textures as they mixed them together with their hands.

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