Coach Shane

If a child at Little Ladybirds goes on to score the winning goal for their team at Wembley in the years to come, the chances are that in their post-match interview, among the people they will thank for helping them to reach this pinnacle is Coach Shane.

They will, of course, be referring to Shane Readman, the football coach who comes into the nursery each week to support the children.

But it’s not just actual football that the children are learning when he’s at the nursery.

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Claire Harrison-Jones

As a former member of the Great Britain Judo team, grappling with life as manager of Little Ladybirds is child’s play to Claire Harrison-Jones.

Given her sporting background (she took up judo aged five) Claire always envisioned a job working in sport and even did a diploma in sports science with a view to becoming a physiotherapist.

It was only after giving birth to her son Jake that she began to take a different career direction, in childcare.

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New activity

The snow brought an unexpected new activity in January, but there was also plenty going inside as usual. Here’s our monthly room-by-room summary:


Babies enjoyed exploring with heuristic objects such as pots and pans, and in another activity they explored a tuff tray covered in rice krispies. They couldn’t resist eating a few!

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