Sign language expert

Before she became a sign language expert Dawn Thorpe had her own beauty therapy businesses, which may not be as different as it may seem.

“After all both involve using your hands,” she jokes.

However, that is where the similarities begin and end and for the past 16 years, Dawn has run her successful Signing Tots business, using sign language to help children in the education sector, particularly in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

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Generosity of parents

The generosity of parents and staff at Little Laybirds will hopefully ensure that a few less people will go hungry this Christmas.

This year, we introduced a reverse advent calendar which rather than opening a door to get a chocolate or see a picture, you give something instead.

In this case, the nursery asked parents if they would donate a range of items each day so they could be given to two local charities – Thornaby food bank and Salvation Army.

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Top 20 nursery

Little Ladybirds Day Nursery has been named as a top 20 nursery in the North-East of England for the third consecutive year – this time with a perfect review score of 10.

We have been listed as a top 20 recommended nursery for 2020 in awards ran by the UK’s leading nursery review website,

Reviews from parents are used to decide the awards and in the last 12 months, Little Ladybirds achieved a score of 10 out of 10.

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