Exciting activities

We’re always coming with new, fun and exciting activities for children at Little Ladybirds, and June was no exception.

We had the idea of filling balloons with paint and getting the children to pop them to see the patterns which would be created on the white sheets below.

The children were encouraged to independently chose which tool they thought would pop the paint filled balloons easiest.

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Plenty going on

There was plenty going on at Little Ladybirds in May.

Children in our pre-school enjoyed searching the garden for different smells and then creating their own perfume by mixing what they had picked with water. They tried to sell their new perfume brand, Eau de Ladybirds, to Jen and Zoe, so watch out Dior and Chanel!

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A hive of activity

It’s been a hive of activity during April at Little Ladybirds Day Nursery.

Every morning the children in our toddler room do a HIIT (high-intensity intermittent exercise) workout to set them up for the day.

It’s a great opportunity for our little learners to express themselves physically and explore their similarities and differences. During this activity the children explore different ways of moving, as exotic animals in their habitats, and the effects on their bodies with deep, thoughtful breathing.

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