Ages 0-17 months

Children between the ages aged 0-17 months start their journey at Little Ladybirds in our baby room.

It is large and spacious and has its own integrated facilities, including a kitchen and eating area (with high chairs) separate quiet sleeping area (with cots) so your child can sleep peacefully throughout the day and not be disturbed by those who are awake. We also follow the weaning process to complement what you are doing with your child at home.

All the equipment and resources in the baby room have been specially chosen to help your baby’s stages of development. At this stage the emphasis is very much on play, but learning experiences are introduced subtlety to allow your child to flourish during the vital years of discovery.

We only use natural materials and the room is set out to be a sensory adventure for the children, including soft toys, furnishings and different textures.

When your child starts in the baby room, with your help we create a learning journey book for them. At this stage the book allows us to get to know your baby’s likes and dislikes, any special dietary requirements, allergies and any other information that will help us to make your child’s transition to nursery as comfortable as possible.

At the end of each day, when you come to pick your child up, a member of our baby room team will provide a verbal report and you will also receive an electronic report, delivered by an app to your mobile telephone, tablet or computer. This report includes pictures, audio and even video.

When your child is ready to progress to our Tweenie room – this often happens when they are around 15-17 months old but we decide with you once they are physically and emotionally ready – a detailed handover is carried out between the room leaders and a ‘moving rooms’ form is completed.

Your child’s key person will also visit the room with them to enable them to have a smooth transition.