Ages 1-2

Children between the ages 1-2 continue their Little Ladybirds journey in our tweenie room.

This room is situated on the ground floor with direct access to our lovely outdoor play area.

Whilst play is still the focus of the day, more learning experiences are introduced at this stage. Activities are designed to offer the opportunity for your child to explore large movements, vision and manipulative skills, hearing and speech and social and spontaneous play.

We use only natural resources and materials designed to stimulate the senses.

There is a quiet area within the room for your child to sleep and this is generally done as a group to ensure everyone gets the rest they still need at this stage in their life.

Children eat their meals together and begin to learn how to use cutlery and display appropriate table manners.

Staff continue to fill in your child’s learning journey and note any observations related to their development. At the end of each day as well as being given a verbal summary of your child’s day by a member of staff, you will also receive an electronic report, delivered by an app to your mobile telephone, tablet or computer. This report includes pictures, audio and even video.

When your child is ready to progress to our Toddler room – again we will agree this with you – a moving rooms form is completed and the room leaders undertake a detailed handover prior to this move.

Your child’s key person will also visit the room with them to enable them to have a smooth transition.